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Our translation services cover a great variety of subject fields, starting from technical manuals of electronic devices, automotive, IT and software, marketing documentation, medical and pharmaceuticals, surveys, energy utilities, legal agreements etc. Our company can offer you high quality translation ensured by carefully tested NATIVE linguists. A second step in each translation project is the Proofreading/Editing, performed by a different linguist. Finally the translated content is going through all necessary Linguistic Quality Assurance steps and checks, in order to ensure highest quality upon delivery to our clients.


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The process of Globalization demands constant planning and development of products targeting multicultural audience. All marketing efforts then focus on meeting the local demand for savings services. Localization is an essential part of the overall process called globalization. It differs from translation activity because it involves cultural adaptation of a product for a specific region, country or a group. Generally localization is related to the adaptation and translation of software, video games, as well as audio/voiceover, video or other multimedia content.

MB Lingua relies on a team of trained experts, who will ensure smooth and fast processing of your software/product from the very beginning till the launch on the market. Our technologies involve UI translation, terminology database creation, file engineering and more.




When it comes to reaching new markets, sometimes standard translation just isn’t enough. Transcreation is usually applied to adapt slogans, web campaigns or ads that involve for example word play or are based on humor that is related to just one culture/language. This process allows the freedom to communicate with different cultures without requiring the target content to remain entirely faithful to the source. The goal of transcreation is to get the same reaction in each language, not just to say the same thing. Is this what you are seeking for? MB Lingua will involve a team that will work very closely with you to ensure your brief is met. Our experts will create a promotional text that will not only introduce your product/service to the target audience, but bring it to life and make people really believe in it.




Linguistic Quality Assurance is the final and also essential step of a successful translation project. As all projects consist of two step process (Translation + Editing) performed by two different linguists, it is very important to ensure the final quality of the translation. The LQA procedure is designed to check the translated text for technical and linguistic correctness. Our experts will ensure that the final translation is technically accurate, that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes, and will check the consistency in terms of grammar and style. Thus we guarantee you excellent quality, translation correctness and consistency within one or related products.