Our mission

MB LINGUA was founded to prove that languages are not a barrier

Just the opposite - they help you to communicate effectively with people from other cultures, no matter what the nature of communication might be - business or personal.

We are not saying this is easy. People from different cultures have also different ways of thinking - ways of seeing, hearing the world. Thus the same words can be interpreted differently by people from various cultures, even when they talk the "same" language. Considering the fact that the demands to communicate more effectively across languages is constantly growing, the high quality of translation is the key to minimize the potential for misunderstandings.  

That is why we believe that it is very important to "speak the language" of our client, as every customer and every project has to be managed individually. We do not like using templates. We focus on our customer’s needs and offer high quality solutions. 


Our mission is to help your business succeed 
in international environment


Developing products for multilingual audience is a great opportunity for your business to grow and succeed in international environment. Help your business expand. We can offer you high-qualitative project management and localization services into all Eastern European languages, which will result in reduced costs and saving time.

For more than seven years personal experience in the translation and localization industry, with numerous small and large projects, we know our way to anticipate your customer’s needs. Time pressure and tight deadlines, high volumes and specific CAT tools, MB LINGUA will be your partner and will find the best solution for you, our dear Customer!